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01 The Traditions

01  The Traditions

History: Study the History and the evolution of Yoga; š Scripture: Study of the Yoga Sutras, scriptures in Sanskrit and discuss its importance and application to the modern society; Philosophy: 8-limbs of Yoga, yogic lifestyle and how we can relate traditional philosophy into daily practical use Paths of Yoga: What kind of yoga are we actually practising? What kind of lineages am I practising with? 歷史:學習瑜伽的起源、和演化 梵語經文: 探討它對現代社會的重要性和應用 哲學:從瑜伽八肢,Yogic的靈性生活方式及現代生活實踐 瑜伽道路:認識不同瑜伽道路與流派

02 The Practice

02  The Practice

Noon Practice: Daily intensive practice to enhance your Mobility, Strength & Flexibility Sunset Practice: Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Shatkarmas, Mudras, Bandhas Asana Lab: Backbend, Arm Balance & Inversion - cultivating confidence in guiding yourself and your future students into the advanced postures through safe spotting, hands-on adjustments and efficient verbal cues 午間練習:日常密集練習,提昇活動性、力量及柔軟度 黃昏練習:呼吸法、冥想、梵咒、淨化法、身印、鎖印 Asana Lab:後彎、手平衡、倒立 - 透過合作練習,以安全有效的方式學習進階動作,並為日後教授式子建立信心

03 The Asana

03  The Asana

Asana 101: Escalating your practice from "doing an asana" to "knowing the asana" to "knowing how to teaching the asana" Alignment Clinic: Learn common misalignments - and the ideal alignment of each asanas Adjustments & Assists: Practice safe and effective hands-on adjustments and assists. Topics include Intelligent use of props, modifications suitable for different body types and injury prevention will also be covered. Mini-Sequencing: Learn how to connect poses into mini-sequences to facilitate class curation, tools like theming your class based on duration, levels, target students will be given. 式子 101:將您的式子練習一步一步提昇,從“做一個式子”提升至“了解asana”,再到“知道如何教授式子”。 正位:學習常見的正位錯誤,以及每個式子理想的正位方式。 調整和協助:進行安全有效的調整和協助,包括有放使用道具,修正以適合不同體型的及防止受傷。 細微的串連:了解如何將姿勢連接到細微的串連,以促進課堂的鋪排,並以課堂時間長短,難度和目標學生為課堂建立主題。

04 The Science

04  The Science

Anatomy: Knowing the mechanics of how the joints, muscles, and different parts of body work together to enter and exit yoga poses with ease in a safe manner Physiology: The Science of how yoga is beneficial to our mind & Body The Subtle Body (and relevant concepts): Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, 5 Elements, Atman, Brahman, Gunas 解剖學:了解關節,肌肉和身體不同部位如何協調,安全地進入和退出瑜伽式子, 避免傷痛。 生理學:從科學角度理解瑜珈如何幫助你的身體及心神 能量體 (及相關概念): Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, 5 Elements, Atman, Brahman, Gunas

05 The Mind & Body

05  The Mind & Body

Pranayama: pranayama is integral to the practice of yoga and a key element in the ultimate pursuit of enlightenment;
Elements of Pranayama and its benefits, practicing different ways of breathing exercises
Meditation: Learn various ways of meditation, including Chakra meditation, mindfulness meditation, vipassana, anapanasati and more
Mudras: Mudras mean "Gesture", "Mark" or "Seal"; mudras are commonly known as hand positions in pranayama and meditation
Bandhas: Bandha is a lock or bind in yoga, which is performed to direct and regulate the flow of prana to certain parts of the body
Mantra: Mantra means "tool of thought in Sanskrit, which can encourage the mind to enter into a meditative state and begin to connect with the Divine;
Shatkarmas: Learn the 6 ways of yogic cleansing
Contemplation: Though self-inquiry, get to know the inner self. Establish an equanimity of the mind to improve wellbeing
呼吸法、身印、鎖印:學習呼吸法、手印及鎖印的要素及好處,如何控制及練習不同的技巧 冥想:認識各種冥想的方式,包括脈輪冥想 - 正念冥想 - 內觀 - 禪修(呼吸冥想)等 頌唱梵咒:梵咒的意思是思想的工具,有效幫助放鬆思想進入冥想狀態 淨化法:學習6種瑜伽淨化法 沉思:透過自省,了解真我,獲得內心的平靜

06 The Teaching Journey

06  The Teaching Journey

Class Curation: Learning how you can plan a class, create a sequence, verbal instruction, demonstrating, adjust & assist and manage an online/offline class, workshop, events and other scenarios Teaching Practicum: Practice teaching is a core part of our program, you'll be trained a teacher's mindset and graduate with the confidence to teach, teaching practicum includes daily practice, at-home practice and mentorship opportunity 策劃你的課堂:學習設計你的課堂、串連式子、如何口頭指示、示範動作、調整動作、及管理線上與面授課堂、工作坊、活動等其他形式教授課堂的技巧。 教學實習:實習教學技巧是課程中關鍵的一部份,充足的培訓將令你畢業後有信心授課。教學技巧實習包括日常練習、在家練習及有機會獲得助教機會。

07 The Path

07  The Path

Professionalism: Qualities and ethics of a professional yoga teacher Starting your new career: Tools will be given to clarify your passion, discover your path as a yoga teacher and create an actionable plan to do what you love Branding & marketing your passion: Learn the importance of branding and marketing, topics include social media usage, content creation, promotional tools and more. 成為一位專業的瑜珈導師:專業瑜伽老師應擁有的質素和道德。 開始你的新事業:提供一系列工具來釐清您的激情,一起探索你的瑜伽老師事業,並製定可行的計劃來實行你的目標。 品牌和營銷:了解品牌和營銷的重要性,主題包括社交媒體使用,建立內容,宣傳工具等。

08 The Aid

08 The Aid

Recommended reading & discussion Home Study & Assignments Mentorship - Teaching Assistant & Teaching Observation Assessment & Feedback 推薦閱讀及討論
指導 - 助教和教學觀察